Chicks & Cubs

Chicks & Cubs opened in 1999 because I wanted to be home with my son yet still have some work interest.

My husband and I chose the name Chicks & Cubs because we love animals. We thought that “chicks” sounds girly and “cubs” sounds boyish.

The business started with the Patty-Cakes product line and other items were added that I love and that compliment each other. My husband’s family has Patty-Cakes of the 4 children from over 45 years ago. The first time I saw them, I was hooked. I knew that was the kind of keepsake that I would love to have of my children. So, many years later, I took my first son back to Atlanta to have his Patty-Cakes done by the same family that did my husband’s many years earlier. It was there that I discovered Patty-Cakes was a franchise type business. I was determined to start a Patty-Cakes business in my area and I did so in 1999.

Although I still love and do the Patty-Cakes, my business has narrowed overtime to our Baby Shoe Bronzing products. We have consistently been a top sales representative for the parent company for the last 5 years. Our biggest business challenge is for people to know that this is still a keepsake that can be done for them. So help us to spread the word!!

I hope you will find that you love our products as much as I do. I hope you find our customer service to be just the way you would want to be treated. I hope you see our business ethics to be beyond reproach.

Thank you,
Cynthia Powell