I’ve heard the saying ~”People Hate to be Sold”

That would describe me, how about you?

You know those tactics – “What can I do to get you to buy today?” or “If you buy today I can give you this AWESOME price but if I walk out of here, you will never get this price again” or let me bring in my manager to “close” you.

That stuff is what gives SALES a bad name. So what kind of SALES methods do people like. Again, back to me and my preferences: I enjoy professional, service oriented and good follow up. Talk to me like a valued person not some land to concur and win, view your job as to serve me and my needs and do follow up, but not hound.

I think of MARKETING as advertising and branding. It is more the stuff you do to keep your name out there. To put the idea of your product, your business, your solutions into their head for them to them come to you. It is also used to give you some credibility. Companies that people have heard of tend to have credibility with them over something that they have have never seen or heard of.

APPRECIATION is customer focused. It is showing thanks and concern.

Please learn the difference between sales and marketing and TRUE APPRECIATION!!!!

Sending your client a thank you with your logo and phone number and email on it. Or with a coupon. Or with 2 business cards (1 for them and 1 for a friend) is NOT A THANK YOU!! When you do all that it is a sales piece, a marketing piece and it IS seen that way!!!

Show genuine appreciation and it WILL work for you to get more sales and more referrals!!!
And don’t get me wrong there IS a time for sales!!!
And Branding.
Let’s discuss further:

How do you show APPRECIATION?

How have other businesses/sales professionals show you appreciation?

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