We discussed Goal Setting - Step 1 back on December 30th. That was to list at least 10 of your past accomplishments.

Today, we move on to step 2. This is a very fun step. It is to list 50 DREAMS. Things you want to buy. Things you want to do. Things you want to experience. Thing you want to BE. Do not stop till you have at least 50.

You may find that the first 10-15-25 come fast and easy but then you start to dig down to the more meaningful DREAMS. Maybe you have not dreamed in a long time and it will take bit to let go and do it again.

I started to dream again about a year ago. I had forgotten what it was like. I had turned that part of my mind off. I had just started living day to day with no dreams of what could be in the future. That was a very sad place to be.

Some of my 50 Dreams:

- Take the kids to Disney.
- Take hubby to the Kentucky Derby.
- Hire a cook.
- Start a scholarship for my high school.
- Be at the top rank of my card business.
- Be thought of as a referral queen.

Share some of your DREAMS with us – it will be great inspiration for us.