As a business professional, what do you do when the answer is “NO”?

Let me give you a little example:
A man, with considerable means, several homes, lots of contacts, finds that his mountain home has been serial broken into and USED as a weekend retreat by some college kids for the last couple of months.

Like I said, he is a man of influence, a business man, he networks in every moment of his life. He has met 10 maybe even 20 security system salesmen in the last 5-7 years. But, he was not interested in a security system at the time (and NONE OF THEM have stayed in contact with him). He is NOW INTERESTED in a security system and he has no one to call, so he heads to the phone book.

Put yourself in the security system salesman’s shoes, the one this businessman met 3 years ago at a Chamber Event.


When you met this business man, you got his business card. You explained that you LIKE to stay in contact with people and you LOVE sending out Birthday Cards. So you could always send him a Birthday card, if he would not mind getting one from you, all you would need is his home address (that way you wouldn’t lose touch in case of a job change) and his birth month and day (year not needed).

And WHAT IF as the security system salesman you HAD done that for the last 3 years. You had sent out a birthday card and maybe 1-2 other cards throughout the year to this business man, just to touch base, to make him smile, to share what is going on in your life?

I WILL TELL YOU WHAT — when he was ready for a security system, he would be calling YOU instead of going to the phone book.

SO…do you really APPRECIATE PEOPLE or are you just interested in the Cha-Ch’ing of the business they can give to you RIGHT NOW?

If you want to learn MORE of how to do this type of Appreciation and follow-up in a time efficient and cost effective way, I am here to help you.