Maybe this is a loaded question but it has been on my mind for a good year now.

Because we believe that only God and Jesus are perfect, does that mean we have to beat ourselves up? Must we focus on our short comings? Must we never embrace our strengths? Do we have to always be talking about how we are not good enough?

I am not saying be prideful nor for us to ignore where we need to make changes in our lives. But do we have to be so negative? We should go after these changes with HOPE and EXCITEMENT not despair and defeat and drudgery. We have GOD within us, what is impossible? We have the BEST teacher, coach, friend, family — GOD!

What do we have to be so melancholy about?


 Raise your head, you are loved.


Smile, you are saved.


Live this life, God put you here to do just that.




OK, stepping down from my soapbox.