Have you ever thought of that?

Appreciate to Business Success.

Could it be that simple? I recently heard someone say that the way they get loads of referrals in their business is they keep saying Thank You, over and over and over again.

‘Thank you’ is expected in most parts and for most transactions. But how can you NOTCH UP your thank you? CARDS AND GIFTS! And not the open an account with us today and get a coffee mug (with our name on it). No!

What if …

You meet someone at your kids basketball game and you send that person a ‘nice to meet you’ card. Just to thank them for the good conversation.

You send not one but 2 or 3 Thank You cards over the course of the year to your clients.

You send a sympathy card to a prospect after you called and they told you they couldn’t meet with you next week because their mom just passed.

You send the geek squad guy that answered your “silly” computer questions a Thank You card.

You send a personalized birthday card to your client with a box of brownies, no coupons, no xyz sale is next week, just to really wish him a happy birthday!

IF you operated your business — dare I say it — your life, in this mode of appreciation, would you have more success?

I say so!