My newest business is network marketing and our top rank is EAGLE. Our founder often talks about what it is like to soar like an eagle ((not flap like a chicken)).

Isn’t that a great vision to get into your head – Soaring like an Eagle.

Today was one of my soaring days. It has been building for a few days with my preparation. I am doing some personal development work that is very structured (homework and all). That is always good to get you focused. Last week some of our team leaders did an awesome call about goal setting that started with listing your accomplishments and then going on to list your DREAMS. I started a blog challenge to write on my blog for 30 days in a row (after not posting in well over 18 months) and that is greatly agreeing with me. As you read yesterday, I lead my first family meeting which was a real stretch outside my comfort zone.

So soaring like an eagle today looked like this:
I was like a well oiled machine.
I was calm.
No yelling at the kids.
The kids were cooperative.
Got most of my to do list done.
Got some extras done.
Fixed a decent dinner, on time.
I have a plan for tomorrow.
Nothing ruffled me.
I was in control.

 Tell me how you feel when you soar like an eagle.