I just heard a story about a young man about to move into a new town. He meets an older gentleman on the street and asks him “What kind of people live in this town?” The gentleman returned his question with a question. “What kind of people were in the town you are coming from?” The young man answered that “it was not a nice place to live that people were cliquish, dishonest and mean.” “You will find the same here.” replied the older gentleman.

Later in the day the gentleman meet another young fellow about to move into the town. He asked the same question about the town to the gentleman and the gentleman replied again. “What kind of people were in the town you are coming from?” This time the answer was quite different. “The people were wonderful. They were nice, kind, and caring. I hate to leave but have to due to a job promotion.” The gentleman again says, “You will find the same here.”

What a great example of how we get what we are looking for in life. One of the things I have worked hard on this past year is generally being more positive with my thoughts. One of the ways I have done that is with positive affirmations.
          I am acting on each of God’s prompting to me.
          I have the BEST people in my life. 
          I am exceptionally organized and efficient with my time.
          I am a business leader.
I have these WRITTEN on business cards and in a business card holder that I carry so I can read them often. I have also read them into my mp3 player so I can listen to myself say them. It has been a great way to change my outlook.

Are there some things in your life that you need to reframe your prospective?

When we change how we think about something, we change what we see it.