Did you grow up having them?
Do you hold them with your family today?
What does a family meeting look like at your house?

 I grew up watching The Brady Bunch and saw family meetings on there but we never had them in my house, at least not in the form shown on TV. So, they are be new to me.

I lead our first family meeting today. It was less than 5 minutes (I don’t think many of us could have stood it for much longer than that); but we had one! I controlled the agenda but told the boys that we would be having them weekly and that if they wanted to put something on the agenda that they could in the future.

Today’s meeting was for each of our 5 members to pick one chore/job that they would commit to doing every day to help with the house. I had a list to choose from. Then each person had to come up with a rule for themselves to ensure that their job would get done. Mine was that I would not go to bed with the kitchen sink a mess (ie: Flylady babystep 1). One of the boys will not go out to play or watch TV or anything fun until his job is done after school. I talked about no excuses. That we were making a commitment to do this and there would be no room for excuses.

I know it doesn’t sound like the “perfect” family meeting. But, I don’t care. We had one, everyone participated and we are on our way. NOW to keep it up and get better each week.

Help me with your ideas on having GREAT Family meetings.