With summer time around the corner once again, I thought I would give some new child safety tips.

 1. Talk to your kids about their safety: how to handle going/not going with people, what to do if they become lost, what to do if someone is taking them. We have two products to help with these Stranger Safety DVD, Kid Escape DVD.

2. Children need to wear an ID everday. See our child ID bracelets and our other physical ids.

 3. Parents should carry a current photo of your children. See our Wallet ID kit.

4. If your child is lost in a crowded place, teach them to look for another MOMMIE to help them.

5. If your child is being abducted, teach them to take off their id and leave it as a clue for law enforcement.

6. Parents should understand how CODE ADAM works and how to get  a CODE ADAM called if your child is lost.