Whenever I have any kind of conversation with someone starting an Internet business, they always ask “How do you get traffic to your site.”

My first answer is that you need to get your site UP in the search engines for your products/services. So when someone goes to Google looking for Baby Shoe Bronzing then YOUR site is on that first page. The way to do that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The best, free way to learn about SEO is with Cricket in her FREE SEO Training Class. That is how I am ,where I am, with my search engine placements. And it has made all the difference in my business. I would not be where I am today in my business without the concepts I learned from Cricket.

My second answer is give people that were not looking for you a reason to come see your site. I do that with my Loot4Mama Giveaway. I have found that contest and giveaways are a great way to get traffic to your site. Now, does that turn into immediate sales – not usually. But if they come and know you are out there and see a GREAT site, that plants a seed. I think there are many people in our Internet world that have not thought about doing Baby Shoe Bronzing. But they see a giveaway that they can win a pair done for free and maybe win some other great prizes and they come to enter. They like the giveaway and take a minute to look around. I just got some “foot” traffic to my Internet store. It takes that “foot” traffic to build a name recognition and product branding to build potential buyers.

 Another thing I do is donate prizes to other site contests/giveaways. Usually you are donating a prize in exchange for advertising. People love to get something for free, so they enter. They want to see what they might win so they visit the sponsor sites. Or at the least they look at the prize photos, sponsor listing. This gives me that name recognition and product branding I want. Depending on what I donate, I get advertising at a reduced cost. I donate a $50 gift certificate for Baby Shoe Bronzing. If they use the gift certificate, the $50 comes off the total price so the cost to me is much less than that $50.00. I donate a child ID bracelet at a retail value of $10. But of course it costs me less than that.

I am in the process of thinking over ways to do free child safety product sample giveaways through my site and/or through twitter. I want to do it but what I have not figured out is how to control the costs. I would need to have a budget and do so many an day. And may make then sign up for my newsletter, follow me, make a comment on my blog, or something to get the sample. I am still working the logistics out in my mind. But I will be doing it sometime soon, stay tuned.