Princess ProductsKaren at I am the Princess, That’s Why! touches the heart of the little girl in all women. Don’t we want to look like a princess and even more be treated like a princess. You are just not going to believe all the stuff Karen has pulled together at this site. Prices for under $5 into the thousands.  Karen is also blogging at I am the Princess.

Karen has been doing the I am the Princess business for a year and a half but she has had other business for over 5 years now.

What is the hardest thing you have encountered about running your own business and how have you overcome that? Start up is very hard. I purchase 99% of my items bulk wholesale. So, coming up with that much money and storage was pretty tough. Also, advertising and getting the word out is a challenge. To overcome that, I found top 100 sites and blogging really help get the word out.

What is your #1 business tip for ‘Growing Up (a business) Fast’? Don’t go to fast. You will loose track and organizing.

 What one business tool could you NOT live without? This is a hard question. I think MomPack and paint shop pro are my must have tools. MomPack gives me information and support. I need paint shop pro my product photographs. Having great photos on my site is a MUST!!!

 What are your words of encouragement to other women who want to have their own successful business? This is a hard time right now with the economy the way it is in our country. Everyone is going through the same thing. Keep your chin up and keep plugging away at it. If you are unique and outside the box you have a better chance of making it than the one million business’s that are the same.