Danielle operates her business at Biz for Moms Online and blogs at Mom Business.

Danielle is a mom of two and is passionate about being a work-at-home mom with the M.O.M. team and has been working with her business for about a year and a half.

What is the hardest thing you have encountered about running your own business and how have you overcome that? Having others respect my time.  It seems that some don’t understand that you are doing a business, even though it is out of your home. The way that I am trying to overcome that is to just let it go and not dwell on it.

What is your #1 business tip for ‘Growing Up (a business) Fast’? Work at it. Find whatever time you have even 15 minutes here or there to do something for your business every day.

What one business tool could you NOT live without? Advertising. There is only so many people I can personally come in contact with so advertising broadens my reach to more people.

What are your words of encouragement to other women who want to have their own successful business? Believe in yourself. There will be ups and downs in any business.  Just stick with it and give it at least 5 years.