I found the best place to view Vivian (Amy) Nelson Melle’s work was at her etsy shop: http://www.nelsonmelle.etsy.com/

Amy’s website slogan is “Nourishing Your World with Handmade Environmentally Friendly Creations.” She is doing that by reusing, repurposing and recycling items that might be discarded into new, unique and useful items.

Amy’s blog: Mamita’s Staying Home is about staying home to care for your children, being frugal, education, working-from-home and some filler material that makes up her life.

Amy has been in business for about 6 years but like most of us work-at-home mom’s has taken time off from time to time as the family required.

 What is the hardest thing you have encountered about running your own business and how have you overcome that? The competition with big business makes it so hard. You sell your products to ensure your time is valued, but big business will always be cheaper. You have to find buyers who are looking for well made products for a reasonable price. And those buyers are out there.

What is your #1 business tip for ‘Growing Up (a business) Fast’? Talk yourself up with anybody who will listen. Wear your product or have your products in your purse. You just never know who you will meet.

What one business tool could you NOT live without? I can’t live without my computer. I use to research, to access my website, my Etsy shop and to keep in touch with customers and fellow small business owners.

What are your words of encouragement to other women who want to have their own successful business? Stick with it, but only if you have time to truly devote to it. You can run a business as a hobby, but if you want a successful money maker, you have to be willing to put 125% effort.