Melissa Jennings is the owner and designer at her handmade jewelry site. She specializes in personalized name bracelets and custom designs. Melissa blogs about her jewelry making experiences on her blog:

Mother’s BraceletI was impressed with her site because the photo quality of her jewelry is really great. I tried to sell mother’s bracelets once and getting good photos so the customer can really see the quality of the product was very difficult. You can clearly see in Melissa’s site photos the quality of her work.

As much as I am interested in the products that other mom’s offer, I am more interested in their business tips. Melissa has been in business for just one year. She is a former high school teacher that came home to be a stay-at-home mom to her son. Her interest in jewelry making bloomed into an at-home-business.

What is the hardest thing you have encountered about running your own business and how have you overcome that? I would say that time management is the hardest challenge for me in running a home-based business. I have learned to use nap times very wisely.

What is your #1 business tip for ‘Growing Up (a business) Fast’? My advice is to stay organized and network, network, network!

What one business tool could you NOT live without? As with most any business today, I could not live without my computer. Next to that, I could not do my work without my OTT lite.

What are your words of encouragement to other women who want to have their own successful business? I highly recommend writing a business plan and revising it so that it works for you!  Stay organized and motivated and you will succeeed!  The first year is the hardest but don’t get down, just keep on working hard and network with other WAHM’s.