Where does your family go on vacation? Is it to busy, crowded places? Have you ever see a lost child? Has your child ever gotten lost? What would you do if your child got lost on vacation? What would your child do if he got lost on vacation?

Child Safety ID BraceletDoes your luggage have better identification than your children? Why is that often true? Is it because we think kids can talk for themselves? If your child is lost, would he know the right information and be able to communicate it to others? This information is even more important when on vacation because you are not near home, the information is very different than usual. The best solution is for your child to have the phone numbers and other important information written down in an identification bracelet, tag or card.

Child Safety Shoe TagChildren are infinitely more precious than luggage and therefore they need some sort of ID at all times, especially when on vacation. The best way for a lost child to be returned quickly is for them to have all the information needed to reach you, written down and on them. There are many different styles of child identification. You have to pick what will work best for your child and the situation. There are stickers to go inside shoes, shoe tags that go on the shoelaces, ID bracelets, ID tags that can be attached to the child’s cloths, and ID cards that can be carried in a pocketChild Safety Shoe Sticker

The ID should contain all the information needed for the child to get in touch with you. At a minimum it should include: mom and dad’s cell numbers, grandparent’s number(s), and your hotel phone number. Give it some thought and see what you think your child would need if they were to become lost. Then, put that information in writing and put it on your child in some form.

Child Safety ID braceletOne word of caution, don’t put your child’s name on the outside of bracelets, bags or clothing. This would give a stranger the opportunity to speak to them by name, making some children feel like the person is not a stranger since they knew their name. All the information can be written inside the bracelet or tag so that it can be looked at only if needed. Small children need to be taught what being lost means. One way to describe it is if they can’t see mommy or daddy. Then they need to be told what to do if they are lost. One suggestion is to teach them to look for another mommy with kids to ask for help.

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Vacation Blessings to you!