As a Christian wife and mom, I try to be prudent with the money God entrusts to me. I love to coupon.  Over the years I have had a roller coaster ride of couponing. For a time I will do it diligently then for a time I will be slack. What I wanted to share with you is the best system I have come up with for keeping up with my coupons.

coupon boxcoupon boxcoupon box tabs

I purchased an index card box and index card tabs. I wrote a list of categories that I wanted coupons to be in. I listed them in alphabetical order. My list includes: baby products, salad products, paper products, meat, vegetables, cookies, cereal, etc. I think you get the idea. I printed the list onto stickers (like mailing labels) and cut them to fit on the tabs. You could hand write them.

The sealing ability of an index card box is not strong enough to stay closed if dropped or thrown by a 2-year old. So you will have to come up with some way to close it securely. You could use a rubber-band or you can see what I did. I used the elastic “string” from another type of file folder. I poked two holes in the top and put the ends of the elastic into the holes. I poked two hole in the front and “sewed” a button on the front. I can now loop the elastic around the button to keep it closed.

On Sunday afternoons, I cut coupons. I put them in my coupon box, behind the appropriate category. Once a month I sort through every category. I take out any expired coupons and I organize the coupons within the category by expire date. I leave my coupon box in my van. That way I have it whenever I go to the store. When I go to the store I take my coupon box in and ideally I put it in the child seat up front. That was not possible for a while when I had a toddler that had to sit there. During that time, I would just sit it in the cart. When I get to an item I need to buy or an item that I see on sale that we use, I look into my coupon box, in the specific category, for a coupon to use. I try to use the ones that will save me the most and/or are expiring the soonest.

Happy Couponing Moms!