I want my 3 boys to do chores around the house because

A.  one day they will be out on their own so they need to know how to do things for themselves.

B. they need to do their share

I have decided to pay for chores as a way of teaching the value of work and how to handle their money.

Our chore chart is set up in a spreadsheet. One week is on one sheet of paper. I am only doing it for the older two boys for now. To save myself time, I print it just once a month. I staple 4 weeks together. I pull off the top sheet when that week is done. Their chore chart is posted on the wall and they check off when they do their jobs.

Kid’s Chore Chart

Tell me what jobs your kids do. Tell me gender, age and job. I would love to see what other families do. I always take bits and pieces of what others do and make it work for our family.