As a mom of 3 boys and housekeeping challenged myself, finding ways to get my boys to do their fair share around the house is always a good thing in this mom’s book.

I found The House Fairy a few months ago. It is a great deal and a great idea. The jest of it is that the House Fairy visits once a week to check on your child’s room and leaves a treat if it is in good order. My boys have gotten their favorite chocolate snack, candy and money, but the treat list could be endless. The House Fairy always leaves a nice note and my boys have been getting a challenge each week to move them along in the right direction.

Only once has the House Fairy left her special dust and no treat (she did not like what she saw that day).

One of my boys works very hard for the House Fairy, even harder than he does for his normal PAID chores. One of the things I have learned as a mom is “Make it FUN and they will do it.” That is sometimes a struggle for me to figure out how to make it fun but when I do they are much more cooperative and House Fairy has been a good step in that direction.

Check out The House Fairy and give it a try – next on my list is for House Fairy to visit my room too.