If you are a business owner that keeps in contact with potential clients and past customers via email, then you need a GREAT system for doing that. I use Aweber.  I have been with Aweber for almost a year now and I love this product. With Aweber you get unlimited campaigns, lists, follow up messages, and newsletters (broadcast messages).

At the time of this posting I have 9 different list, over 1500 subscribers, I am using the auto-responder features and the broadcast messages. I can write a message, send it to one list or any combination of my lists (including exclude one list from another). I can do plain text and html messages. And, I am sure there are many features I am not yet using. All of this for under $20 per month.

Aweber has helped me build my business with emails. Once someone requests information about a product. I use the auto-responder to say “did you get the information?” I then use the auto-responder to encourage the sale. I use the auto-responder with past customers to remind them that it is time to update their purchase and let them know about new products.

 I use the broadcast messages for newsletters, sales and my Loot 4 Mama Giveaway.

I also use the archive features so clients that want to see what I have said in the past can take a look. The archive is created with one check-box click. Saving me time and money (web space to host it).

Aweber is a great tool to build your business. Can you really do without it?